I'm from the constellation of the Eagle
You can never be 100% sure what design titles really stand for these days. Personally, I think this is because designers can hardly be put in a box. When I look at my path and experience, what I see is a complex constellation of design skills in continuous evolution. Lately, I believe it looks something like this:
Also like an eagle, I like to always  look at the bigger picture and move strategically, while keeping an eye for details.
Why design?
Ultimately, I think that a well-designed world is a place where people don't have an excuse to do the wrong thing.
Design that makes knowledge accessible, that reduces waste, that promotes health, but also design that protects privacy, that minimises errors, that buys you time, that's what really drives me.
This is why in all of my projects I challenge myself and my team to find ways to apply human-centred methodologies and design thinking to the development process, no matter how fast or Agile.
I believe in using design rituals to nurture talents and grow a culture of collaboration, even better in diverse and international teams.
Topics that put sparkles in my eyes: design for social innovationcircular design, human-centred MLslow technology.
"I'm at my best when I create" and also when...
...I dance salsa,
...I cook pasta,
...I eat pasta,
...I'm with my dogs,
...I visit new and old places,
...I'm at the movies,
...I make progress with my German and my French.
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