Research paper on
recommender systems
3 months​​​​​​​
Heuristic evaluation, Interviews, Surveys, Focus Groups, Rapid Sketching, Original Experiments.
This paper is the report of a research I carried out for my master's thesis. The aim of the project was to come up with a retrieval system that integrates the most valuable qualities of physical and digital libraries.
In the first phase of desk research I studied the models that have been identified in which people research, browse and discover information and I analysed the transformation from retrieval behaviour to interactive retrieval behaviour, occurred with the invention of digital libraries.
Passing on to the field research, through methods of  immersion, observation and heuristic UX evaluation I dissected and compared the two experiences of being a user of a physical library and of a digital library.

For the synthesis, I designed and facilitated original participatory activities and experiments in the attempt to integrate the concept of recommender systems in the physical space and the conceptualisation of an indexing system achieved collectively by the users according to their implicit and subjective behaviours.
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